Here's the solution for the now infamous SATURDAY 00:00 level. (youtube)




"Graveyard Shift poses a great amount of challenges for your brain. It's fun, the graphics are amazing, and a new premise is introduced with the release of this title. Check it out!"



"I had a ton of fun with Graveyard Shift. The moments of figuring out how a level should work and then executing, all while the skeleton ragdoll is flailing about the screen, brought a smile to my face every time." - 4/5

"Graveyard Shift is a fun new physics based puzzler title that is as amusing to watch as it is to play." video review here - 3+/4

"You’ve seen plenty of tower destruction games on the App Store, but have you seen one with a crazy ragdoll skeleton doing the limbic funk? We’ve got our money on no. Graveyard Shift is an impressive game..." - 4.5/5

What Graveyard Shift has that makes it far superior to Glass Tower 2, however, is character, a rich physics engine, and enough variation in its puzzles to make each level a unique experience.

Graveyard shift、如何でしたでしょうか?



(Web-Translated) "Graveyard shift, how was, probably will be? Because the gimmick is abundant, it is possible even with the person who has played the puzzle mainly to enjoy with fresh feeling. You grew tired of the iPhone puzzle, so the male be completed is in you who have been started feeling!"... AWESOME (>_<)// Comic Wallpapers